Video Vs Text

Video Vs Text

Video Vs Text

If we want to analyze the importance of video, we need to return to 3,000 years ago and see how our brains were focused and motivated?!

Well, they were actually focused on three crucial things, the first was to know where food comes from, the second was whether they will be eaten, and finally the last was how they could continue …

If we look and realize to what they have drawn on the walls and caves, they were trying to transform these three points to other generations coming after them.

Today, we still constantly respond to the facts by transferring our experience. For example, if we see a long piece of text, our brain’s direct feedback is to tell us that this is not necessary to take care of, although it could essentially be very important to us. We see with our brains not with our eyes.

It’s really important to communicate, hence that makes it cool and direct for our brains.

When we absorb information in a visual way like a drawing, we compare it with experiences and patterns we’ve seen somewhere else. This just doesn’t take place so immediately when you are reading a text.

Remember that numbers don’t lie, just take a deep look at this comparison …

Brain’s reactions to what it gets …

Video has a positive experience for advertising and increases the sells by 97%.

To understand why, we need to have knowledge of why our brain prefers to watch a video instead of reading a text and it helps us to choose the best way to grab our audience’s attention.

90% of data transferring to the brain is visual, and visuals are absorbed by the brain 60,000 times faster than a text.

We feel more comfortable to sit and watch a 3 minutes video instead of reading for 30 minutes. The length is vital even for the video because we don’t like to watch a video more than 3 mins, our brain is not too patient to see a long video and prefers to get all the information in a short time.

Viewers remember 80% of a video between 30 sec to 1 min while it doesn’t happen to videos in 2-3 minutes and are being remembered for 60%. It gets worse for 5-10 minutes videos because just less than 50% of viewers watch such a long video while they are not interested to finish watching it.

This order is being managed by our brain so be careful of time duration of your video.