How a good storyboard should be

How a good storyboard should be

Storyboards are an operational way to tell a story  quickly. Storyboarding is a pre-production process and is very crucial to  do before  video production. It noticeably expresses how the story will be, helps you see what the problems are do you can correct your mistakes before making the video. Storyboards help us  learn if we are on the same page with our clients  allowing us to run the project successfully with less back and forth and corrections.

Launch a timeline

Based on our experience and after speaking to a project manager, you can launch a timeline which will help in organizing your project, allowing you to deliver the job in a timely manner. It’s the first step to start a project and it’s an opportunity to brainstorm and organize the content of your video as well.

Detect the key scenes in your table

First, it’s necessary to know what kind of story you’re going to plan. Storyboarding your drawing should be able to give anyone a good understanding of how the project will look in a video. You’re not supposed to show all you want to do but you have to show the key moments that will grip your viewers.

How much you will show on your storyboard

A storyboard is a plan. You can add any detail you want because it doesn’t mean it can’t be extremely detailed.

When you want to make a storyboard for a movie, you need to add more details to express the scene better. If you’re preparing a storyboard for a marketing video ( whether it’s an animation or corporate video), it will be different from a real movie.

However, sometimes a still image is not enough to be able to really express what’s happening at that time in the video; so an explanation is  frequently needed.

Sketch your brief explanations

Now it’s time to bring the story to life. Even though there are existing online software to help you make your storyboards, your pencil, your mind and your ideas are often the greatest tools to achieve the goal.

You can then share your storyboard with us and we will work with you to better those ideas for a gripping video.

This is your first chance to see how your story flows. To check if it works and brings your animations to life.

Contact us to help you better bring your ideas to life.