Kick-start your start-up!

The essence and need for Video Marketing

Kick-start your start-up!   The essence and need for Video Marketing   As a startup the greatest challenge is to thrive and survive in the ever increasing market competition. As a startup owner you need to diversify your tools and methods to include the most recent trends in the field of marketing.   Video marketing has become the most effective way to put your message across and get noticed. There is no doubt and enough analytics support the fact that […]


Health On-the-Go!

Health On-the-Go!   Like any other startup, in any field, a healthcare startup needs to make all the necessary efforts to attract new customers, build a sense of trust and loyalty and convert target audience into customers. Effective branding and marketing techniques are thus very important to ensure all of the above mentioned results are achieved. As a healthcare company you need to be extra vigilant and sure about the content that you offer to your audience. Unlike a fashion […]


Curating a Digital Travelling Experience

Curating a Digital Travelling Experience Travelling is probably the widest and broadest field that encompasses the whole world! As a travel agency helping your clients and customers envision your products and services requires great focus and attention. Something as diverse and dynamic as travelling is very difficult to portray through mere words or just a few images, that’s why video marketing is your best bet! Video marketing will not only help you grab the attention of your target audience but […]

Build your Brand with Video Marketing

Build your Brand with Video Marketing

Build your Brand with Video Marketing   Video Marketing has proven to be the most successful and effective way to build a brand and get ahead in the market. With competition at an all time high, it is becoming increasingly important for every business to execute the most effective ways of brand building to be in the race to success. Branding and marketing have taken a whole new meaning with the coming in of the internet and businesses now need […]

How a good storyboard should be

How a good storyboard should be

Storyboards are an operational way to tell a story  quickly. Storyboarding is a pre-production process and is very crucial to  do before  video production. It noticeably expresses how the story will be, helps you see what the problems are do you can correct your mistakes before making the video. Storyboards help us  learn if we are on the same page with our clients  allowing us to run the project successfully with less back and forth and corrections. Launch a timeline […]


Explain Your Product

People have a better understanding of a product or service when they see or hear about it. Explainer videos let us connect better with our possible customer by clarifying what our business can do for them and why they should choose us. Get More Attention Today more industries are choosing to use social medias to spread the word about their businesses. They do this via publishing media such as images and videos to create interest in their product. Over 70% of […]

Video Vs Text

Video Vs Text

Video Vs Text If we want to analyze the importance of video, we need to return to 3,000 years ago and see how our brains were focused and motivated?! Well, they were actually focused on three crucial things, the first was to know where food comes from, the second was whether they will be eaten, and finally the last was how they could continue … If we look and realize to what they have drawn on the walls and caves, […]

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